Merry Merry


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Merry Christmas!

Friend Family Christmas is in full swing down here and it is most excellent. Beaches, hiking to the ear-bursting songs of cicadas, shark-avoidance, pool parties. Plus also lego building, movies, great dinners, Radiolabs and Vinyl Cafes. Even though it doesn’t feel overly Christmasy it is wonderful having friends around to share in holiday traditions. Tim’s kaiser card game, Curtis’ birthday ice cream cake, and Christmas dinner with fish on the 24th for Jo and I (much to the chagrin of everyone else….Christmas clearly happens on Christmas Eve).

Today is Skype conference day, tomorrow it’s back to hiking and then we’re off to Melbourne for penguins, cricket and New Years. I’m actually really excited for the Ashes, even though none of us know anything about cricket, at all. We hear the key is in beer drinking though, so I think it will be a manageable affair.

And since my dad is quick to remind me that the blog has been terribly out of date, here’s a quick general life update: Curtis is done work and is now a man of leisure! He is going to go WWOOFing post friend-visit pre-Canada trip (which FYI is January 18th-February 6th) and then we’re packing up our backpacks for New Zealand and beyond! I bought Curtis a SE Asia Lonely Planet for his birthday so I am looking forward to him adding his thoughts to my list. Which is surprisingly short at this point. I’m still trying out this laissez-faire lifestyle. It is dubious. My job is going really well though, and I’ll be working there until we leave for New Zealand mid-February. There are whispers of a Lindamood-Bell popping up in Tokyo or Singapore later this year, so there are tentative plans to go there. It would be a short-term job, if it happens, but I think it’d be pretty rad!

We hope everyone is warm and cozy at home. Very merry Christmas wishes from Curtis, Jo, Tim, the nameless bunny, and myself. Thanks again to Brad and Laurie for a fantastic home to holiday in! It is literally a castle in comparison to our shoe box and we are very grateful.

Time for pumpkin pancakes and shortbread baking.

Much love.