G’day g’day!

Last night I listened to a great interview with Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson from The Roots (he wrote an autobiography recently that I plan to read) and he spoke quite a bit about the soundtrack of his life: songs inextricably linked to specific memories in his past. This is a phenomena we can all relate to I think. I still have all the mixed tapes that I belaboured over in high school and every time I listen to them I am transported back to when I schlepped around Red Deer in Doc Martens and some sort of plaid hobo inspired outfit.  Remember when you had to listen to the radio and wait around all day to hear that one song so you could press “record” on your tape player/recorder?! Yeah, that was awesome.

To fuel my future nostalgia I thought I would take a moment to post a couple of playlists here. These have been the soundtracks of the past few months for me, while I dance, DJ and transit around the city. (Whilst wearing upgraded Doc Martens, conveniently in style down here at the moment. Thanks, Oz fashion!)

DJ songs

Out and about songs (warning: Hawksley’s song is not suitable for work/children due to one potty mouth word.)

I would love to hear your current playlists too!